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Bagnoli Irpino black truffle (Tuber Mesentericum)

Bagnoli Irpino black truffle (Tuber Mesentericum)

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Bagnoli Irpino black truffle (Tuber Mesentericum)


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The Tuber Mesentericum truffle, also known as the middle rib truffle or Bagnoli Irpino truffle. is a prized ingredient in the world of gourmet cooking. This truffle grows mainly in the Bagnoli Irpino area of Campania, Italy, and is harvested mainly during the fall and winter seasons with the help of trained dogs. The truffle emits a distinctive scent, making it easy to locate during the harvesting process.

This truffle is highly sought after for its delicious and robust flavor, which is best enjoyed raw but can also be cooked for a short time without losing its flavor and aroma. Its flavor is enhanced by the use of extra virgin olive oil and it is a versatile ingredient in various dishes, such as risotto.


The Tuber Mesentericum truffle is a seasonal ingredient with a unique and intense flavor that sets it apart from other varieties of truffles. It is prized for its delicate and balanced flavor profile and is a favorite among food connoisseurs. This truffle makes an excellent gift for gourmands, as its organoleptic characteristics are rare and highly valued.


The Tuber Mesentericum truffle has a round and uniform appearance, with a bumpy and wrinkled exterior (peridium) that is typically brown or black in color. The interior (gleba) is black-purple with white veins. The size of the truffle can vary from that of a hazelnut to that of a large apple, and the largest specimens can weigh up to a kilogram.

Where It Grows

This truffle is commonly found in hilly and mountainous areas in oak, hazelnut, hornbeam, and olive groves. It thrives in well-lit, well-drained soil that is rich in limestone and sometimes gravel. The presence of the Tuber Mesentericum truffle often results in a lack of vegetation in the surrounding area.

For Cooking

The Tuber Mesentericum truffle is known as the "king of the table" for its delicious and fragrant flavor. It is versatile in the kitchen and can be used raw or cooked in a variety of dishes, from bruschetta to main courses of meat or fish. Its aroma does not deteriorate but is actually enhanced by cooking.

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Conservazione del tartufo

Il metodo più efficace per conservare il tartufo fresco è quello dimetterlo in frigorifero avvolto in un foglio di carta assorbente e chiuso in un contenitore ermetico. Il tartufo non andrebbe lavato prima, in quanto si deteriorerebbe più facilmente

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