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I sapori di una volta

Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté

Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté

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Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté


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Welcome to the exceptional world of authentic flavors with "I Sapori di Una Volta". We are pleased to present to you our extraordinary Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté, an authentic delicacy that will make you fall in love with good food like never before.

An Extraordinary Combination: Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté is the result of a magical fusion between the freshness of the most tender asparagus and the unmistakable aroma of the prized black truffle. These ingredients, carefully collected and selected according to ancient traditions, come together to create a harmony of flavors that is simply irresistible.

Unique Gastronomic Experience: Every bite of this pâté is an explosion of flavor in your mouth. The creaminess of the asparagus blends with the richness and complexity of the black truffle, creating a symphony of flavors that will satisfy the most demanding palates. It is the perfect balance between the sweetness of the asparagus and the intense character of the black truffle.

Versatile and Creative: Our Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté is extremely versatile. It can be used in multiple ways: spread on crunchy croutons, as a condiment for pasta, as an accompaniment for cheese, or even to enhance the flavor of a simple omelette. Your creativity in the kitchen will have no limits with this extraordinary product.

I Sapori di Una Volta: Tradition and Quality: We at "I Sapori di Una Volta" believe in the return to culinary roots, in the valorization of traditional recipes and in quality in every step of production. Each jar of Asparagus and Black Truffle Patè is prepared with love and dedication, guaranteeing the freshness and authenticity of our ingredients.

Order Now and Taste Excellence: If you are passionate about good food and love experimenting with unique flavours, don't miss this extraordinary opportunity. Order our Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté today and prepare for a gastronomic experience that will leave you speechless.

Discover the authentic taste of "I Sapori di Una Volta". Our Asparagus and Black Truffle Paté is in high demand and supplies are limited, so don't waste time. Bring home the luxury of traditional flavors and prized black truffles today.


Conservazione del tartufo

Il metodo più efficace per conservare il tartufo fresco è quello dimetterlo in frigorifero avvolto in un foglio di carta assorbente e chiuso in un contenitore ermetico. Il tartufo non andrebbe lavato prima, in quanto si deteriorerebbe più facilmente

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