staple ham


staple ham

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Fine cold cut whose preparation is almost a ritual of taste. The quality of its meat, the craftsmanship, the long seasoning and the delight of its flavor make it a truly special product.

The cured ham is closely related to the salted pork. In fact, after cutting the leg of pork and extracted the salted pork , you get the cured ham, a thinner and smaller salami. The cured ham too is then prepared with the choicest meats, salted and flavored with natural flavors and spices: a unique, tasty and high quality product. The working of the cured ham, completely handmade, follow the same procedure as that of leg of pork. The seasoning takes place in a separate smoking room and is then left to season in a Dryer buit with the criteria of the past, for a minimum of sixty days in which, according to several factors such as humidity, heat and ventilation, remain unaltered the ideal ripening conditions.

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The weight of the product may vary between 1350g and 1400g

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