Extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil


The extra virgin olive oil is a very healthy food when consumed in moderation. Among the people who use the extra virgin olive oil, especially those in the south where it is one of the most envied typical products, it was observed that the rate of cardiovascular disease is minor compared to those who consume less.
Olive oil can be divided into several categories:
EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: obtained by mechanical pressing of the olives. The level of acidity is less than 1%.
VIRGIN OLIVE OIL PURE O: is not refined, the degree of acidity of this oil is 2%.
OIL D ‘OLIVE: refined as the extra virgin olive oil but with a degree of acidity of’ 1.5%. To this oil is added to a small amount ‘of virgin to make it more tasty.
OIL SANSA: the degree of acidity of this oil is 1.5% and consists of pomace oil and virgin olive oil.

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